7 essential Mac apps that will make your life easier

We chose 7 essential apps for Mac. And we were not random, we are sure that these apps will impress you. More or less known, come from there know more.

Lists of essential apps for Mac there are many. And all very useful. But sometimes you need to get out of the box and show that, apart from the better known and certainly more used ones, there is a whole world of applications that can make your Mac more your friend – and your wallet will also like.

So, never forgetting applications like Skype, Dropbox, VLC or uTorrent, we present a list of apps that will make life easier in many aspects.



All Mac fans venerate this app. And they venerate so much that everything that is site to recommend apps can not leave it out. And you ask: Is it that good? We say. Yes it is! It’s the “7-Craft” application and will help you increase your productivity.

When you want to search for a program to open, just use Alfred. He “learns” the programs he uses more regularly and gives them priority in the search. You can also use Alfred to search the internet faster by using some shortcuts.

You can also save contacts to Alfred. Or use it as a calculator or dictionary … We could spend a whole day here talking about this app that is a real Swiss Army Knife! But it’s best to start getting to know Alfred by himself.


The gifs have come to stay and allow you to watch videos in looping, times and countless times – being that in the best cases we do not even know where it starts and / or where it ends. Thanks to this application, the great video and photo editing capabilities are no longer needed.

The app allows you to import videos and easily set the start and end point of this “tail fluke”. The end result is a high quality gif, without the need to waste a lot of time. You can find the GIF Brewery here.


You no longer need to spend money on image editing software. With Pixelmator, for $ 30, you can compete with the great programs, since it has options for defining layers of images, effects and also the possibility of creating customizable keyboard shortcuts, making the experience as personal as possible.


Despite all the warnings that come to our ears that we should always ensure the security of our computer, it is always a bummer to have to type the password whenever we want to use it.

Knock is the app that solved this dilemma. The idea is to unlock your Mac by double-clicking your smartphone. Say goodbye to friends who take advantage of an unsupervised computer to write anything shameful on their Facebook status. Start protecting yourself with Knock.


Right now we are living the biggest (and best) dream of any music lover. And Spotify came to confirm – and accentuate – that’s right. At a distance of one click it is possible to accede to a universe of music imaginary impossible of quantification. Suddenly, thanks to this application, most users no longer have a personal playlist and have come to rely on what they hear from an endless list of options. There are actually over 20 million songs in the application.


What do we usually do with our best friends when they are sick? We help them recover and even take them to the doctor if needed! But if the doctor can come to our house … even better, right? Dr. Cleaner is an indispensable app for any Mac lover. It will help you keep your apple free of any bug … and still optimize your experience.


Some say that it is the best app for accomplishing tasks. And we do not disagree! It has never been so easy to keep track of what you have to do and everything you have done. I need to go shopping, I need to send that email, I need to … We are sure that you have many tasks to fulfill! Get Organized!

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