Tips for switching Windows by Mac

We have some tips for switching Windows for Mac. Why switch? How can you trade? Know everything.

With these tips for switching Windows by Mac, migration to the Apple operating system will be much easier. But first, we must realize if it is worth it. Why do you want to leave Windows and embrace the Mac? Do you think it’s worth it? Want to know some pros and cons? We explain everything before telling you how you can do it.


The reasons may be several and we risk entering rather ambiguous areas, it is no coincidence that the “war” between Microsoft fans and Apple fans exists and is about to last.

But we dare to put together several of the arguments used to explain why you should change, right? So be aware that Apple’s notebooks and desktops have a reputation for being more stylish and design-friendly. In addition, they are also quite light and have a battery that lasts a long time. Lastly, the operating system is quite reliable, well designed and easy to use.


First, you can use the Migration Wizard for Windows. This “little” help created by Apple helps you transfer information from your old Windows to your new Mac. Information such as contacts, calendars, email accounts … And since Apple likes to make life much easier for you, you are already waiting that the transferred information will stop directly to the appropriate applications.

Do not forget to connect your Windows computer and your new Mac to the same network. Preferably, via ethernet cables for the transfer to be carried out more quickly. If you do not have any, the wireless network will do.

If you have any further questions, Apple offers you a step-by-step guide to this process, which you can access here.


Moving multiple files from Windows to Mac is a lot easier than it sounds. If you have, for example, several Microsoft Office files, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, among others, you can download Microsoft Office for Mac and have access to them. Or did not you know that Microsoft was also producing Mac-compatible software? Just like Apple does for Windows, of course.

Of course the migration can be done manually, but this can give you a lot of work … Unfortunately, there are many files that will have to be transferred by you. And you should do it through an external disk, a USB stick or through your home network. But do it in an organized way, that is:

  • Pictures and images for the Pictures folder (Mac);
  • Videos to the Movies folder (Mac);
  • Export your PC contacts into vCards and import them into Contacts (Mac);
  • Music and audio files to Music folder (Mac);

It’s easier than you think and Apple offers everything you need. Prepared?

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