Top 6 Free Antivirus for Windows

Do you know the best free antivirus? We know and we tell you everything. Free your computer from all threats.

We have made a list with the best free antivirus. Yes, it is true that Windows already has Defender, but if you want to be truly protected you have to opt for something much better. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a penny today to stay well protected.



Founded in 1990, Panda Security is a “veteran” in the war against viruses and malware that run through the technological world, even reaching first place as security software. The Panda Free version offers real-time protection, blocks dubious sites and protects you against phishing. Winning several prizes, this version of Panda is even the choice of the publisher of the famous PC Mag.


Detects viruses, protects them, scans your computer and optimizes it … 360 Total Security is proud to have around 600 million users (or at least 600 million tests). An impressive number that serves to whet the appetite of any user who wants to protect their computer. In addition, it uses four antivirus engines: Bitdefender, Avira and two from the producer itself. What does this mean? Slower, but more accurate.


It was impossible not to include BitDefender in the list of the best free antivirus. This antivirus has already already occupied the first position of the best antivirus on the market. BitDefender does not bother you with great detail, it has no ads and is even the lightest, not taking up much space or memory on your computer.


The preferred antivirus of the computer users and the one that occupies the first position of the market. The free version of Avast offers several interesting features that most effectively match the requirements of 230 million users worldwide. In addition to antivirus and anti-malware protection, Avast also cares about defending the network from your home and helps you keep your browser clean. Want more reasons to opt for this antivirus that is clearly on the podium of the best free antivirus?


Although there is little consensus among AV users, the truth is that AVG offers a huge range of protection from your computer to your mobile devices. This ability to be cross-platform ensures you a place among the best free antivirus. But AVG is not as weak as it may seem and to prove it are the various awards it has already received. In addition to doing everything that others do, it also offers a ranking of the websites you visit on the web to know when one of them is not trustworthy. Nothing like experimenting, does it?


Although it has been around for several years, Avira has seen its name grow over the last few years. A well-deserved recognition for all the protection it has offered to users. Here there is everything that is needed to leave the computer free of threats and is quite practical and easy to use.

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